IAmWondaWomanis a nonprofit organization founded by Meda Leacock, which was formed to strengthen and reinforce the minds of inner-city adolescent girls.  We uphold our mission to mentor and motivate young girls, while allowing them the comfort and ability of discussing areas of their life they may not share with their parents, other family members, or even close friends. Our vision entails the importance of understanding their long-term goals in life, and then relating their long-term goals into short-term tasks to assist and encourage the realization and fulfillment of those goals. We coach them in the importance of hygiene and safe sex, as well as the negative effects of drugs, alcohol, and bullying.  Subsequently, we offer them constructive criticism on how they can improve as an individual; and lastly, we end with a positive outlook on life that’s realistically attainable to them.  We believe that the youth is more receptive to listen when you lead with motivation, so we choose to take our time with each individual girl, and give them a voice to elaborate on their perspectives and insight.

Mentoring & Empowering

Our Youth, As Well as 

Uplifting our Community

"The youth is the hope of our future"....Jose Rizal


Annual Initiatives

*​Miss Youth Empowerment

*Women of Integrity

*Women of Vision Empowerment

*Annual Turkey GiveAway #OperationGobble

*Tea With Teens: A Beautiful Me

*Annual Christmas Toy GiveAway

*Gun Violence Awareness

*Community Resource Awareness

*High-School Career Day

*Domestic Violence Month

*Teenage Bullying

*Breast Cancer Awareness