"The youth is the hope of our future"....Jose Rizal

Mentoring & Empowering

Our Youth, As Well as 

Uplifting our Community

Tea With Teens 

is an I Am WondaWoman Foundation Initiative that provides a platform for 10 young ladies annually within the foster care system. They are given complete focus for the entire year.  We follow up on their grades and attendance monthly, as well as offer incentives... By constructing various monthly groups and individual engagements, we intend to motivate each individual young lady to help them see their inner and outer beauty, and enhance their confidence.  We aim to provide various resources such as information on job preparation and sessions with career specialists based on each girls desired dream. We supply them with beauty and hygiene tips, as well as new experiences such as etiquette lessons, fashion shows, basketball games, etc. Our goal is to ultimately aid them in achieving all they can, while setting up the blocks to becoming

who they want to be...